Friday 1 November 2002

rain rain go away

It's November in England which means the sun fecks off at 4.30pm and it rains on us 24 hrs. a day. Check out the Cambourne Business Park web cam to see the mucky view I have from my office today. Bleah indeed.

It's supposed to pour rain tomorrow as well, which is going to be annoying. We're supposed to be setting off fireworks in Paul's parents' garden tomorrow night, and it'll be a bit crap if we're huddled under umbrellas holding sparklers. It's Guy Fawkes night here on Nov. 5, so we're having fireworks this weekend (also to celebrate Paul's Mum's birthday). I'm thinking we'll likely end up sitting inside with sparklers and drinking a lot of wine, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I love fireworks (and really miss the big fireworks competition in Montreal) and I always end up missing bonfire night festivities for various reasons. Since my first holiday in England, I've been here for Guy Fawkes night 4 times. I've missed every single bonfire night and have only seen fleeting glimpses of fireworks from motorways or living room windows. This year, I'll be going out with the usual suspects for an evening of drinks, fireworks, and Chinese food. Finally! Fireworks!

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