Tuesday 3 December 2002

tick tock, christmas countdown clock

I have 9 more days to get my pressie shopping done here before we get on a plane bound for Toronto. Everyone's going to end up with a lovely gift from Heathrow if I don't get my arse in gear. "Wow - a magazine, a carton of cigarettes, and a bottle of vodka. How lovely." Actually, there are some really nice shops in Heathrow terminal 4 like Harrods and Hamleys, and the usual stuff like WH Smith and the Body Shop. Oh yes, and the Tie Rack. There's one in every airport worldwide.

I really cannot wait to go home. It's been almost a year and I miss everyone big time.

If my left menu looks wonky, I think there's something amiss with Blogger. It was down earlier today and now it looks like it's not formatting my page properly. Ah well, you get what you pay for.

And now for some totally random thoughts:

  • I am so thrilled that a search for the term "dogpoo sandwiches" leads to this site. Truly.

  • Regardless of the fact that I've been living here long enough to know better, I still find myself: saying monetary amounts in dollars, walking towards the wrong side of the car sometimes (i.e. to the left if I'm driving and right if I'm a passenger), forgetting that you need to flip the switch down to turn the light on, forgetting that you've got to turn the flipping socket on if some twonk has shut it off in the office kitchen, if I'm not sure what something's called here I immediately think of the word in French (like that's gonna help someone here understand me better), and I still need to resist the urge to say "merci" whenever I leave a shop, pub, restaurant, bus, or any other place in public.

  • Paul's Dad says things like "cookie" and "tom-ay-to" to me. It's because he has a lot of family in America and he switches to "North American" mode when I'm around. I think it's fabulous and it makes me smile.

  • Terry's chocolate orange crunchball. It's the regular Terry's chocolate orange but it has bits of honeycomb (like the centre of a Crunchy bar) in it. I want one.

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