Monday 9 December 2002

'tis the season...

...for office Christmas parties, fa la la la la la la la la. Here's a blurry pic of Paul and I, taken by Matt. There's glitter all over my house now.

For some bizarre reason, no one was out Christmas shopping on Saturday. We went to Toys R Us and Ikea, expected huge angry mobs, and found both shops to be relatively quiet. Weird. A big pfffttt to Marks and Spencer this season for having absolutely no amusingly named sweets for me to purchase. Last year, I was able to buy chocolate pants and Weenie Whips. This year, there's bugga all. Either someone in marketing decided to ban silly names, or I was the only one who purchased these things last year. Severe lack of Harry Potter sweets as well. Feh.

The longer I live here, the harder it is to find uniquely "English" gifts to bring back for people. I've pretty much exhausted the list of typical stuff, and most of the things here are available back home as well. Similarly, it's getting very difficult to find "Canadian things" for people. I've already bought Roots clothing, ice wine, various beaver related items (leave it!), beer, Laura Secord sweets, Fruits and Passion things, books, and rude Quebecois t-shirts for friends here. Any other suggestions for gifts to bring back to the UK that are specifically Canadian?

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