Friday 15 March 2002

your weekly horoscope

Another one from Gordon Bradley, who is always after me Lucky Charms.

aries-- north american pop culture would be such a void without colourful folk like the Lucky Charms leprechaun

taurus-- nothing compares 2 U

gemini-- you have a drink with Shane McGowan and the Pogues and get home three weeks later

cancer-- when Irish eyes are smiling, it always seems to be maudlin people in an airport hotel bar, no?

leo-- green food colouring in beer: now that's just crazy talk

libra-- if you've ever added 4 ounces of creme de menthe to a McDonald's shamrock shake, you will know soo know what i mean; what was i saying?

virgo-- Irish coffee is not in fact the breakfast of champions

saggittarius (sp?)-- sorry to be a hardass, but if you discover a 4-leaved clover, it's more likely genetically-modified than lucky

capricorn-- Bono called: he wants his fading rockstar sunglasses back

scorpio-- enough of your scorpion-like shenanigans

aquarius-- things have been rough lately. take a holiday in a relaxing spot such as Belfast or Dublin

pisces-- Guiness has minerals and gets you mellow, coca-cola has caffeine and sugar and makes you hyper and fat. umm, score one for the Guiness

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