Monday 11 March 2002

hack cough splutter

At home today with a bad cold. Whee. Everyone thinks I'm skiving 'cos it's Monday, and I'm having some sort of luxurious long weekend. Pfffttt.

I'm all excited about moving. Well, I am and I'm not - I can't wait to move but I really hate the actual physical act of moving. Packing just gets right on my tats, and I keep looking at the big stuff (like the glass-topped dining room table) with dread. Did you know that the promise of pizza and beer entices people to help you move here in the UK? I thought that was a Canadian thing, but no! They fall for it...erm...I mean...they are more than happy to lend a hand for this fee here too.

I have ordered more stuff from Amazon. They are so eeeeeeeevil.

Ever since my 30th. birthday, my Mom started this tradition of sending me a birthday card every week for the month of March until my birthday on the 31st. I can't figure out if this is really sweet or really weird. She also keeps sending me care packages containing things like Kraft Dinner and Sapporo Ichiban soup, and has supplied me with more Roots clothing than the Olympic team. Actually, I finally found Kraft Dinner here, but the box design is different and they call it "Kraft pasta and cheese". How posh! In all seriousness, I think my Mom's parcels and cards are fab. I really get a kick out of opening my kitchen cupboard and seeing Canadian products with two official languages on the labels, sitting next to my HP sauce and Bisto. "Fusion cuisine", as my friend Chris would call it.

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