Thursday 21 March 2002


Well, I dunno. I can use Blogger from work without any problems, but I still can't post anything longer than 4 lines from home. *shrug* Maybe it's Windows XP being evil.

I found someone to take my flat, but my landlord is dragging his heels about it and wants me to still show the place to anyone else who wants to see it. That was fun - I was stress free for one day thinking I finally found someone to take over my lease. Now it's back to keeping the feckin place spotless all the time, not being able to go out in the evenings because I've got to show my flat to various bored and cynical people, and worrying that no one will take the flat in time for me to move. Feckfeckfeck.

Meanwhile, I'm researching holidays in Provence in April. :) Whee!

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