Monday 4 March 2002

instant gratification

The world is a dangerous place, and I'm not even talking about stuff like poking an eye out with something while running. My Amazon order that I placed on Saturday arrived this morning - now that's fast! And eeeeeevil. It makes me want to order more...MORE! Then I went to the bank to see if I could increase my overdraft for this month, just in case I need it to help pay for the deposit on my (hopefully) new home. "Why certainly", the 15 year old accounts manager said to me, "How would £3,000 sound? Is that enough to cover your costs?" Holy hell is it ever, I thought as my eyes glistened and I subconsciously started rubbing my hands together. MUUUHH HAHAHAHAAA!!

*slap* No! I cannot live in a world that gives you stuff and encourages you to get into debt! Gah! Yes, I need the money for a deposit but they shouldn't make it so bloody easy. I will not use the entire overdraft. I will not use the entire overdraft. I will not use...oooh, that sofa would look so cute in my new home. *Ka-ching*

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