Saturday 9 March 2002

yes, i know it's not friday

...but Blogger has been down for ages and I couldn't post anything to my site. I still can't - I'm actually typing this into Notepad and will update my site whenever Blogger decides to behave. I have to say, this is about the third time this has happened to me and I've only been using Blogger since January. Anyway...

Here's my Friday Five, from Smattering:

1. What makes you homesick?

Lots of things that I never realised would bother me until I moved to another continent. I get homesick when my Mom sends me care packages (she's too funny) filled with things like Kraft Dinner and Second Cup coffee. I get homesick when I get email from friends back in Montreal. I get homesick when I find something really funny but there's no one to tell as you'd have to be Canadian to "get it". I got really homesick when my Mom sent me a video tape a little while ago - I asked her to tape the "Talking to Americans" special (hilarious, by the way) and she included hours of other shows from home that I can't see here.

2. Where is "home" for you? Is it where you are living now, or somewhere else (ie: Mom & Dad's house, particular state/city)?

Good question and one that's really hard for me to answer. People ask me where I'm from all the time, and I always stumble when I answer. I say Montreal, but I was actually born and raised in and around Toronto; I didn't move to Montreal until I was 20. I tend to say Montreal is home for me because it's the city I've lived in the longest (11 years) and it's the last Canadian city I called home. Actually, I generally just say Canada is home because not many people here know where or what Montreal and Toronto are. My parents are still in Toronto, so when I lived in Montreal, "home" always meant Toronto. Confused? Oh yes, me too. When I went back to Canada at Xmas, people I met asked where I was from (apparently I've developed some sort of accent). Again, I stumbled and said "Canada, but I now live in England". So now it seems "Canada" is home for me even though I don't live there anymore. Just don't ask me where in Canada. ;)

3. What makes it home for you? People? Things?

A sense of identity, mostly. Montreal never truly felt like home because there was always some cultural reference I didn't understand or some shared experience I didn't know about. In a more general sense, "home" tends to be wherever I am and wherever I feel comfy. Right now, I'd say that Cambridge feels like home. I've got favourite pubs and restaurants, know the area well, and consider myself more of a local now.

4. Where is the furthest you've been from home, miles-wise?

Hmm that must be Paris, I'd reckon. From Toronto (let's say that "home" is my birthplace for the sake of argument), that's 3,738 miles away.

5. What are your plans for this weekend?

Showing my flat to someone in about an hour, then I'm probably off to Jack and Heather's to watch a Canadian film tonight (oooh today's theme is CANADA), then I'll be spending much of my free time packing and chucking out things I don't want to move.

your weekly horoscope, by gordon bradley

I just love having an excuse to use this picture every week. ;) Courtesy of my ex-workmate and friend, Gordon - enjoy!


you may call it 'homemade TIVO', but most just call it a VCR


you are the wind beneath my wings, but i have to apologize, because i had no idea the in-flight meal included chili


someone who can articulate the difference between a Sedan and a Coupe is someone who can afford to buy your soul


your mastery of all sexual zones leads you briskly to zinc ointment


the mexican food tastes different in Mexico--it's like it's more spicy or something


you're just like the whore with the heart of gold, except your heart isn't gold so much


it took the egyptians thousands of years to discover papyrus, but you keep beating that bulrush dear

saggittarius (sp?)

why is teen violence so out of control? well for starters, you could give them some nachos


liza minelli has 16 bridesmaids in her upcoming spring 2002 wedding, because you know if she doesn't fall down from the scotch, it'll be the pills


if kevin spacey ever tells you this long story with a guy named 'keyser sose' in it, go meet mr. kobayashi at the curb before he does


remember the Sleestaks from 'Land of the Lost'? yeah, well, this weekend: them


you and a zoo penguin could both eat 'saumon a la tartare', but people would find the penguin cute

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