Saturday 16 March 2002


Blogger is becoming increasingly annoying. It seems that it only works every 4th or 5th time I try to upload my page. I also love it when it takes a bazillion years to post the last thing I wrote, only to give me a "this page cannot be displayed" error thus losing my post in the process.

I've looked in to Grey Matter and Moveable Type, but I just don't understand how it works. I gotta get Perl? Eh? How do I use CHMOD via FTP? Why on earth can't someone come up with something that runs on your server that isn't insanely difficult to configure? Surely there must be some way to come up with a tidy exe file that installs a lovely bit of software that a) timestamps entries b) allows you to update your page and c) gives each entry an ID number so that you can attach comments. Sheesh.

In the meantime, I'm typing entries in Notepad to upload whenever Blogger feels like working. If it's like last time, that means you'll see this in about three days.

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