Thursday 24 January 2002

you have been eaten by a grue

That subject line has no significance other than the fact that it makes me giggle. I think it would look great on a t-shirt, too.

A few mates and I are off to a Chinese restaurant just outside of Cambridge tomorrow night. It's interesting in that you pay a fixed fee (£15) for all you can eat. Unlike those typical godawful Chinese buffets, you order off the menu and they bring as many dishes as you want to your table cooked fresh! I seem to remember that there was a place in Montreal that did something similar (Piment Rouge?), and I think this is a fabulous idea. Now here's the best part - if you "waste" a dish (order and not eat any of it) they penalise you £5 per dish! That's brilliant! I don't think this will be a problem tomorrow night. My friends are big eaters.

British joke alert: I was getting a sandwich today from the shop across from work and was reading the menu. I glanced at it quickly and could have sworn they had one filling available called "Mexican Minge". Upon closer inspection, it actually said "Mexican Mince" which makes a lot more sense. Hee. I think I need more sleep.

Jack agrees with my doctor and came to the conclusion that I am indeed psychotic. Everyone agrees that I'm dizzy.

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