Sunday 20 January 2002

Wot a lovely day! I think I'll...stay inside and drink tea. I admit, it is rather nice to spend a winter bitching about rain rather than spending a winter bitching about
-25C wind chill factors and blizzards. I love the fact that I can ride my bike into work every day year round, but it is absolutely miserable peddling to work in the pouring rain. What's worse are those little spitty showers we often get, where it feels like someone's sitting on my handle bars spraying me with a plant mister. It's no fun arriving to work damp with no hand dryers to be found in any of the toilets. Yes, I have waterproofs. No, they don't really keep you entirely dry.

I've got to start doing more reading on Greece - I've barely skimmed my Rough Guide. Tony's been there a few times before, but I've no idea what I want to see or do. It's not going to be a lazing about the beach kind of holiday (it'll be too chilly in April), and I'd prefer to do something off the beaten path in addition to the usual tourist hotspots. Any suggestions?

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