Thursday 24 January 2002

that's quite a deal

I was just going through my British Airways air miles account and have come to an important realisation - BA air mile plans suck. I got 1,776 points from my flight to and from Toronto over Christmas. It will cost 40,000 points to fly home on air miles alone. This means I will have to take 22 and 1/2 return flights home before I will get a freebie. Somehow, this doesn't seem like such a fabulous deal. I fly home once a year. By the time I get my free flight, I'll be too old to care. It's a bit odd because I remember the good old days of Canadian Airlines and their points plan. I got something like 8,000 points for a return flight to the UK and a free flight would cost me 40,000. Now that makes sense. At this rate, it's going to take three flights to Toronto to get a free flight to Manchester from British Airways, for feck's sake. What pants.

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