Monday 21 January 2002

hi, i'm a geek

Mmmm...laminated ID cards (note the Dilbert calendar in the background). Somone had the bright idea that we all need to be easily identified around the office. Otherwise, god knows what kind of riffraff will get in - they might get mistaken for programmers (har har). Anyway, now we have to attach these badges to ourselves. Not like we have any security guards or anyone who actually CHECKS these badges, mind you. It's mad, I tell you. Maaaaaaaad.

I have just discovered AvantGo. Yeah, I know - I am like *so* behind. Anyway, I'm all excited because I can read The Guardian and get CBC news on my pocket PC! Train rides will never be boring again! I like this thing called "technology". Mmmmm.

Does anyone know when ER starts in this flipping country? Gah! It's January, for crying out loud. No, I don't have E4 so don't even suggest it.

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