Wednesday 30 January 2002

who knew?

I discovered that people can get to this page via this site. It seems that these people send a bot to scan through blogs and any sites that are linked to the blogs it finds. Weird, eh?

I still haven't come up with a good domain or page name yet. I'm finding myself looking at words and phrases I come across and wondering if they'd make good names. (That's from an orange juice container - you say "no bits" here instead of "pulp free") Damn, that's already taken. Nope, taken. Oh my good god, I cannot believe that and are taken. It's very annoying that loads of domain names are gone and yet if you try to see the web sites, all you see are messages about how there's no web site yet. I mean come on - there should be a rule that you lose the domain name if no site is there after a certain amount of time. That's how things would work if I ruled the world. Bah.

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