Saturday 19 January 2002

Ah, that's better. Style sheets are oh so tidy.

Last night was fun - many pubs and Chinese food. This morning was not so fun - a delivery showed up at 7.50 and I felt like someone had been Riverdancing on my head throughout the night. The delivery bloke said, "Ah, and you thought you'd get to have a lie in on a Saturday! Heh!". I keep saying to myself that I'm getting too old for this sort of thing, but then I go out and do it again. It really was fabulous to have a night of good fun, though. We made our deadline (although we may have to beat one of our workmates with a wet cod on Monday for being such a twonk), Heather handed in her PhD thesis, and a good time was had by all. I may actually leave the house tomorrow. Oooh ahhh.

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