Sunday 27 January 2002

feelin' groovy

Ah, I feel all virtuous now because I've been to the gym on a Sunday. I've pumped iron and sweated all over various machines. Me strong! Me lift stuff! *grunt, scratch*

Of course then we went to the pub afterwards whereupon I ate a big baguette and shared a bowl of chips with my mates. I had it with a diet Coke. Shut up.

In my never ending quest to do something interesting, meet people, and get fit, I've decided to get back into dance classes. I studied dance (contemporary - none of that poncy ballet crap) for several years until I started university. I miss it and thought I'd take it up again. I've always loved groups like Carbone 14 and although I know I'm not exactly going to be able to get to that calibre, I still want to give it a try. I'm going to a trial session at the Cambridge University Contemporary Dance Workshop this week. Get out yer legwarmers!

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