Tuesday 22 January 2002

my microwave scares me

I was nuking all sorts of things when I was making dinner tonight. This is what you do when you get a freezer - you make a shitload of stuff on weekends, chuck it all in Ziplock baggies and freeze it. So I was microwaving a few lovely baggies of curry when I noticed that it was taking a very long time to get my food sort of lukewarm. The microwave itself was getting really warm, but the food wasn't. I turned the power on again and then...nothing. Ack. Has it been emitting all sorts of evil carcinogenic rays in my kitchen without heating my food? Should I be wearing a big lead suit the next time I use it? Sod that, I'm using the oven. Either that, or I'm eating nothing but toasties and cold cereal from now on.

Dean's text messages make me snort tea out my nose. Plus, it's all the more hilarious knowing that he's dyed his hair the colour of Vimto. What on earth were you thinking?!

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