Tuesday 4 September 2007

out of the mouths of boys

First, I think I need to explain my last post a bit more. What I meant was, I was surprised at the interpretation of various concepts by American mums. My understanding of some things are quite different, so it was rather amusing that by their standards, some things I take for granted are really hip and way out there, man. For example, I use a Baby Bjorn or a sling sometimes. An American mum in the same situation might say she's a "babywearer". My understanding of "baby wearing" is part of the whole Attachment Parenting concept, which is a lot more complex than using a sling every now and then when you want your hands free. Does that make more sense now? Or maybe not. I am kind of tired these days. Anyway, it was an observation based on one mums forum that is generally frequented by lunatics, so probably not the best way to form an opinion about a country as a whole.

Yesterday, Mia, Jack and I went on lovely picnic with the equally lovely Caroline, Phoebe, and Emily. It didn't rain. And there was much rejoicing. The park in St Neots has a fabulous play area, and Jack had a great time playing with the Big Kids. I had a hilarious conversation with one boy, who was admiring Mia. He must have been around 8 years old.

Boy: "I love babies! They're so tiny and cuddly."
Me: "Yes, but then they get bigger and don't want to be cuddled anymore."
Boy: "Yeah. That's annoyin'. When I get older, I'm gonna get married so I can have a baby!"

If that kid learns how to cook and keeps the toilet seat down, he'll be quite the catch one day.

The play area has sand on the ground, and Jack took it upon himself to remove his shoes and socks at one point. "Where are your shoes?" I asked, and he pointed to the steps next to the slide. There were his shoes, neatly placed side-by-side with his socks carefully tucked into them. Excellent.

Along with this occasional tidy phase, he has been making his own scrambled eggs with daddy in the mornings. He also puts the seat down after each toilet visit. My boy will also make a good catch one day if he keeps this up.

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