Thursday 30 August 2007

Ever since I had my home birth, I've gone all hippydippy. I'm a natural birthing/med-free/waterbirthing/midwife employing/baby-wearing/breastfeeding/co-sleeping* mad hippy mama. To top it all, I plan on making my own baby food. Really! Myself! Apparently this is also tres avante garde. Ah yes, and I always try to feed my family as much organic food as possible. Mad hippy, me.

It's funny because I don't consider myself to be that unconventional. I read Heat magazine, for goodness sake. It's just a matter of perception and to most mums, the concept of midwives, homebirths, slings, and keeping a moses basket in your room is terribly "crunchy" (i.e. a granola-eating person who lives in a cabin in the woods and probably worships trees or something.) But I drive a car, both kids are in disposable nappies, I watch a lot of trashy television, and sometimes I put things in the recycle bin that I'm not supposed to. I'm an ex-vegetarian, but I don't think that counts towards my hippydom. I was a fine arts student, though. That might count.

But anyway, slings - a fantastic invention. A great way to keep fussy babies happy and your hands free. I bought this overpriced one because I thought the fabric was really pretty. Not really the logic of a mad hippy, really.

*(Some seem to define "co-sleeping" as having the baby in the same room as you, which is what we do. I define it was having the baby in bed with you, but maybe that's just my misunderstanding of the concept.)

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Camping Sleeping Bag said...

I have seen a lot of people carrying their baby in baby slings and the baby always seems very calm and happy, must be something to do with being close to the mother like they were in the womb.