Wednesday 22 August 2007

the vegetables of my labour

Everything is working against my vegetable patch this year; I was too pregnant to get anything in on time and it's been one wet and miserable summer. My tomato plants are healthy looking, but only started showing any fruit a few weeks ago and none of the tomatoes are red yet. My rocket grew well and was turned into several containers of pesto. A couple of weekends ago, I noticed the tops of some of my carrots were poking above the soil and I wondered if that meant they were ready to be picked. My father-in-law plucked a couple of carrots out and we discovered that they were a fairly decent size. We thinned the row out, leaving quite a few to grow for another month or so, and had this lovely bunch for dinner that night:

Gnarly, oddly-shaped, stumpy...perfect and delicious! Who cares if they don't look like the sort you buy in the grocery store? Two fingers up to you, Mr. Tesco! I grew my own carrots! Hah!

*root vegetable victory dance*

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