Friday 7 September 2007

Duelling babies

Duelling babies, originally uploaded by Lisa Durbin.

This photo was taken yesterday at our company's summer party. That's Caroline's gorgeous girl Emily on the left. She's nine months older than Mia (to the day) and they both have the same type of stroller (so you can get an idea of size comparison.) One workmate suggested that we race them, but I'm pretty sure Emily would win.

So yesterday, Mia had her first taste of solids. Jack wanted a snack, so I gave him a bag of Organix puffed corn thingies. I left the room to get a glass of water and upon my return, Jack said "I gave Mia a crisp!" I scooped her up and took a look inside her mouth, to see a slowly dissolving bit of corn thingy on her tongue. I stuck a finger in and scooped it out, while explaining (and attempting to sound calm) that Mia doesn't eat crisps yet. "Mia only has milk from mummy and you mustn't feed her anything, okay?" I said while Jack nodded and probably wondered what all the hoo-ha was about. I'm not too worried because I don't think any of it actually went down, and it was only an ogranic corn puff thingy that dissolves fairly quickly. What worries me is if he tries to feed her something she might choke on, so I've got to keep a closer eye on Mia's well-meaning big brother. This morning, unprompted, he said to me "Mia drinks mummy's milk. Mia has crisps when she's bigger." Phew. Okay.

Late last night, I heard a tiny croaky voice say "More water, please." I filled Jack's cup, and he said "Thank you, mummy. I love you, mummy.", had a drink, and went back to sleep.

This being a mummy business is not too shabby indeed.

(Click the photo to see some other recent Mia photos that I uploaded today.)

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