Friday 7 September 2007

the accidental craftist

I seem to have stumbled into the world of arts and crafts, but I didn't mean to. It started with knitting: I thought it would be a fun thing to learn and hey, all the celebrities were doing it. I'd be one of those cool knitters though, not one of those people who stick dolls in toilet paper rolls and crochet a Jordanesque gown on them. Then I decided to make the invitations for Mia's naming ceremony, partially because I like personalised things and partially because it was something I kept meaning to do. I was going to make some cards for our wedding and I thought about it again for my baby shower, but I never got round to it. The other day, I bought two albums to save Jack and Mia's bits and bobs. Why just stick things on a page when I could add graphics and text, I thought. I have a background in graphic design, so this just seemed natural to me. I mounted some photos on coloured card, glued on little decorative bits, and added some text...and suddenly I realised that I had inadvertently started scrapbooking.

Oh, wait. It gets worse.

The other day I was looking at one of Mia's dresses that has a bunny on it made out of different pieces of fabric. At the same time, I was going through Jack's old clothes and things Mia has outgrown for the charity bin. Some things were too special to give away, but what could I do with baby clothes? Ah ha, I'll take little swatches of fabric from this clothing and make a patchwork quilt. Now I'm thinking about QUILTING, for christ's sake. I looked at books on Amazon and am watching some auctions for sewing machines on eBay. I don't know how to sew! I haven't used a sewing maching since Home Ec in grade 8! What's come over me?!

Is this something that happens as you get older? You suddenly get the urge to get into craftmaking? What's next? Needlepoint? Macrame? Dried flower arranging?

I'm still cool, right? Right? Help.

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