Friday 14 September 2007

she got me

Vero tagged me on this one*: 8 random facts or habits
  • I can do a good impression of a pigeon. My friend Eric and I used to make pigeon noises over the intercom at the bookstore where we worked. It was very entertaining to see people look up in bewilderment. We also used to page people to random spots in the store like "Richard to the front window, please. Richard to the front window." Ah, youth.
  • I always shut the lid before flushing when I use the toilet on an airplane. I'm afraid of being sucked out into the atmosphere if I don't. Like a 20" disc of plastic is going to prevent that, I know.
  • When I was a kid, one of my many allergies was to citric acid. I mean honestly, who the hell is allergic to citric acid? I think the doctor made that one up for a laugh during my allergy test. "Oooh look! That bump there? That one was for...erm...plether. Stay far away from faux leather."
  • When I'm trying to explain something to someone here and don't know the "British" word for it, I need to resist the urge to say it in French. My brain only knows how to translate between Canadian and French.
  • I can't eat raw tomatoes unless they have been skinned, de-seeded, and put on top of bruschetta.
  • I have a fear of wasps. They don't make honey and they sting you for no good reason. Plus, they don't die after they sting you. They just go on doing it because they're bored and irritable. If they made honey, they wouldn't have to resort to such things.
  • I've never been to a dentist in this country; I go to my dentist in Ontario when I go home. I don't even know how to sign up with a dentist here.
  • I've never mowed a lawn. Allergies, you see. *achoo*

*(Yes, I know I'm supposed to tag eight people and post the rules blahdy blahdy blah, but I'm lazy like that. Just feel free to nick this and join in!)

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