Thursday 15 September 2005

money can't buy you brains

"Pop singer Britney Spears gave birth to a baby boy at a Los Angeles hospital on Wednesday...Spears, who married Federline in September last year, had been previously reported as saying she planned to have the baby by Caesarean section to avoid the pain of a natural birth." [source]

After Victoria Beckham's last birth (two days before Jack's) I read an article that said, "All three of her kids were delivered by Caesarean, allowing a faster recovery." Do you know what? I would gladly swap my c-section with anyone's vaginal birth if they want to "avoid pain" or make the process "easier" for themselves. I would give anything to know what a contraction feels like, to look at my son and know that I pushed him out myself, to know that my body was capable. I will happily give away the fears that something inside of me was irretrievably damaged during the surgery, and that every pain I still feel today means something's horribly wrong. You're more than welcome to my worries about my next pregnancy, wondering if my scar will rupture or if I'll end up with another c-section and having to recover while taking care of an additional child. Or how about the frustration and anger of being no more enlightened about labour and birth than a first time mum? Or about having to give up breastfeeding because surgery made it physically and emotionally too difficult? While I'm at it, I'm also willing to trade my inability to climb more than a few stairs, sit up without my abdomen shaking, and the pulling pains I still feel on my left side every few days.

Celebrities, sign up now. I'm willing to do a deal.

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