Tuesday 13 September 2005

je me souviens

Every time I read a book by Kathy Reichs, I get really homesick. She doesn't just use Montreal as a backdrop, she includes references to specific restaurants, buildings, streets, and landmarks. Her characters take detailed routes to their destinations, travelling along roads I know well. They eat bagels and smoked meat sandwiches, and buy their groceries in Le Faubourg. Words like "tabarnacle" pop up every now and then (and then I translate them to my husband who is none the wiser until I explain that swearing is religion-based in Montreal). I am currently reading the latest Reichs novel, so I am feeling rather homesick at the moment.

We didn't think that we'd be able to go to Montreal this Christmas; we thought we'd be too rushed to visit both Toronto and Montreal, particularly with a 10-month-old in tow. As luck would have it, British Airways are having a seat sale but we need to depart before December 12 to get the best deal. So, this means that we will be in Canada for almost three weeks - giving us plenty of time to make the trip to Montreal.


I haven't been home for almost three years, and I'm dying for a decent bagel. I miss my friends and family, and there are quite a few new faces that have arrived on this planet since the last time we were home (and at least one more to arrive by the time we get there, eh Dina and Steve?) I want everyone to finally meet Jack. I want to buy things. Lots and lots of things. I want snow and to take Jack on his first toboggan ride. I want to watch all my Christmas cartoons and slightly peculiar animated classics that they don't show here. I want to see if I still remember how to speak French.

Three more months. Put in your requests for interesting chocolates and oddly-named sweets now.

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