Friday 16 September 2005


I've written another very ranty post about motherhood on the main blog, but I hasten to add, I'm actually quite happy these days despite the recent increase in ranty posts. I think it's a sign that I should avoid newspapers and the news channels for a while and stick to the very nice "Location, Location, Location" type shows instead.

I'm starting to warm to the idea of mother/baby groups now which either means that I'm being more objective about the concept or I've finally succumbed to maternal dementia. We started our second term of swimming classes yesterday, and it was fabulous. Jack hasn't been in the pool since July, so I wasn't sure how keen he'd be on being underwater yesterday. We are now in the more "experienced" group, so we dunked our babies under the surface almost immediately after the class started. I held Jack on the pool's edge then after a "ready, steady, go!", I plunged him down as far as I could reach and brought him back up again in one smooth arc. I could feel him moving his body like a tiny dolphin under the water, and he came up with a big smile on his face and not one splutter. The Other Mothers were very chatty this time, and some were familiar faces from the last class. People made small talk with me, for crying out loud. Fantastic. This morning, we went to baby yoga and lingered for ages after the class to chat about what nonsense Gina Ford spouts (apologies if you're a Ford fan, but I truly don't get her at all). We swapped several tips, fussed over each other's babies, and actually talked about non-baby things. Jack held the hand of the doll the instructor uses to demonstrate the moves and tried chatting her up. I don't blame him; she's very cute. All in all, it's a really nice way to spend a Friday morning. In 6 weeks, I may need to find another group to join. No, really.

Before I go, can someone please tell me if Jack's the only nearly 7 month old in the world who doesn't sit up unsupported? Personally, I think he's got too many places to go and finds sitting dull.

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