Monday 19 September 2005

excuse me while my face turns green

On Sunday, we watched the Great North Run on television (yes, I do see the humour in sitting on a sofa and watching 40,000 people plod 13 miles around the Tyne) and Paul reminisced about the time he ran this same marathon. One of the presenters interviewed model/television personality Nell McAndrew, who is not only gorgeous, but she qualified for the elite group this year - and she just happens to also be pregnant. Now, the best I could manage was a 5k walk in a big park when I was 5 weeks pregnant. This woman, who also won "Rear of the Year" this year, ran a flippin' marathon. I walked 13 miles and I thought I was gonna die, and I wasn't even growing a baby at the time. Amazing. Annoying, but amazing.

Jack continues to be a grizzly bear and has been chewing on everything and anything. Please forgive me Jack, but it does make me giggle when you're simultaneously crying and blowing raspberries, bless you. We're leaving Jack with friends and his little friend Lauren (who's very pretty and about a week younger than Jack) this evening while Paul and I go out for his birthday dinner. We've only been out for dinner one other time without Jack, and I kept thinking that I'd forgotten him somewhere. The sad part is, that could really happen - my mind isn't too sharp these days.

Right, if I start scrubbing up now, I might look presentable by 7 this evening. Get my trowel and sandblaster - I'm goin' in.

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