Wednesday 28 September 2005


Toothy peg #2 made its appearance next to toothy peg #1 this weekend, which is very exciting if you're a sad mum like me. We had a fantastic holiday in Devon (details and a link to pictures can be found on the main blog), although we realised that sleeping in the same room as a dog and baby means very little sleep for us. I think Jack was grumpy from teething or from being in a strange room, so he was very grizzly for most of the nights we were away. In fact, the grizzliness has continued since we've been home and he's broken out into a rash (the doctor says he has "a virus" - how useful, thank you) so maybe he just wasn't feeling great. At any rate, we both agreed that a self catering holiday somewhere with more than one bedroom would be ideal next time.

Despite the sleepless nights, there is a distinct advantage to travelling with a non-crawling/non-walking baby. As long as we can wheel him around or carry him, we can pretty much go anywhere with little difficulty. He slept peacefully through our meal at Tanners and sat happily in his stroller wherever we went. He's not old enough to get bored, run away, or throw a temper tantrum if he can't get chicken nuggets. He's a great ice breaker; people constantly stopped to fuss over him and ask us about him. As any mother will tell you, you never get tired of people fussing over your baby (unless they are insane old people at pubs and Tesco).

As I mentioned earlier, Jack's got a rash and has spent most of the day slumbering in his play den. I took him to see a doctor who seemed nice, but gave us a vague diagnosis of "he might have a virus - babies sometimes get rashes when they get a virus" and advised that I just keep an eye on it and give him Calpol. Grand. Now I'm worried that he'll be up partying all night long because he's slept so much today, but maybe he's sleeping so much because he was up partying all last night. Either way, I'm starting to feel the delirium of broken sleep and am in desperate need for caffeine. If only I could train the dog to make a latte.

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