Tuesday 4 May 2004

why does it always rain on us?

Another bank holiday weekend, another three days when the sun decides to bugger off and hang out elsewhere while Mr. Rain moves in and leaves the place a mess. And yet, we barbecued. Keeping with the great English tradition of cooking food outdoors on an open flame even though it's cold and pouring rain, we also broke from English tradition by barbecuing something other than burgers and sausages. Paul cooked up a ton of grilled veggies (aubergine, fennel, red onions, and red peppers marinated in olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice), slices of halloumi cheese, and some chicken slathered in real gen-u-ine American BBQ sauce. I whipped up some courgette fritters, wrapped new potatoes in foil with olive oil and whole cloves of garlic and chucked it on the oven, and put together a salad of fresh mozzarella (not the square stuff you grate and put on pizza), fresh basil, lemon juice, olive oil, and roasted red chilli peppers. Did I mention that we were cooking for four? I have a phobia about running out of food when we have guests over, so I always make far too much - or so I think. The only leftovers we had were a couple of courgette fritters, a half dozen new potatoes, and a couple of pieces of chicken. Mmm lunch.

Food always tastes better when it's been cooked outdoors, even when it's covered by a fine mist of precipitation.

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