Monday 17 May 2004

little miss sunshine

Today, I'm not quite as chipper as this:

but I'm not quite as miserable as I was last week. Some people would say it's hormones, but I think it's due to the gobshites who were making me irritable.

But I digress.

This weekend was lovely and sunny, and we continued the Garden Tart Up 2004 project. We bought some solar lights and placed them around the pond. We didn't really expect much (we suspected they would be like those glow sticks you get at fairs), so you can imagine our delight when they lit up one by one and created small pools of light. They are light-sensitive and don't come on at the same time, so it was great fun predicting which one would light up next. Great fun after you've had a few glasses of wine, I should add. I finally got my net fairy lights (a panel of tiny white Christmas lights), which twinkle merrily away on the fence next to the patio. We also bought some small table lanterns that hold citronella tealights to keep the mozzies away. Yesterday we painted the fence panels and shed a willow/sage light grey-green colour, which has made the garden look more spacious and bright.

Our iris in the pond is blooming, the tadpoles are getting bigger by the day, but Wayne the newt has disappeared. My new shrubs are growing (despite the fact that Jasper has recently taken to "watering" them himself) and the bark chips do actually seem to be suppressing the weeds. We barbecued, sat and sipped wine and enjoyed the fruits of our labour. Although still slightly grumpy, this weekend's gardening has made the world (or at least our backyard) a much better place.

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