Friday 21 May 2004

signs you're not quite as insane as some people #329

After that last little rant, I have to say that I do feel better. Admittedly, it still gets my goat that some people seem to get pregnant simply by using the same shower as their spouses, but I'm still optimistic. It's actually quite exciting to think that we can start trying again now. The two week wait sucks, the getting my period thing sucks, but it's not really that long before you can start again and have another couple of weeks of anticipation.

It helps to read through some of these pregnancy Web boards because quite honestly, you will never feel or be as insane as some of the women who post there. Of course some of the women (most, really) seem like lovely, level-headed people who know a lot about conception and have gone through a lot to have a baby. Then there are some who are just plain loopy. I've seen messages like "My partner doesn't want kids. Can any of you point me to any articles or statistics I can use to convince him?" (one person suggested putting pinholes in the condoms).

I shouldn't be surprised; I've seen this sort of thing on other news groups before (like the dieter who wanted to know how many calories were in Night Nurse so she could factor them into her daily food journal). There is definitely such a thing as too much information, and too much misinformation as we rely on the Internet to educate us. It's always nice to have somewhere to go for support, but too many people refer to the Internet for medical advice. I have to admit that I've asked for people's opinions in news groups, but I see it more as the sort of information you'd get while chatting to a good friend over a cup of coffee. It is probably based on past experience, it's probably fairly accurate, but I would still rather see a doctor for the more serious stuff.

In the meantime, like my patented Diet Plan© ("eat less, move more"), I shall stick to the basics because that's what usually works. So my patented Baby Plan® is: "shag like rabbits until I've ovulated". It's so crazy, it just might work.

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