Tuesday 11 May 2004

itchy and scratchy

This is rapeseed, AKA canola:

Fields and fields and fields and fields of this stuff surround our local area. It makes me sneeze. It makes my eyes, throat, ears, and nose itch. It makes it hard for me to breathe. To cap it all, it reeks - and it's everywhere.

As a Canadian, I've no one to blame since canola was developed in Canada. But like Celine Dion and William Shatner, there are some Canadian things that are better left on some remote island in the Pacific or in an underground bunker. Ban rapeseed! Use groundnut, corn, or olive oil instead! In fact, let's convert rapeseed fields into cornfields. Everyone likes corn. Corn doesn't make me want to stick my head in a tub of liquid Benedryl. No one munches on a bucket of buttered rapeseed at the cinema. You can't throw rapeseed on the BBQ. Ban rapeseed, I say!

I thank you. Please pass the Kleenex.

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