Friday 21 May 2004

random acts of blogness

A completely random post today because I have lots of little things on my mind, but nothing substantial enough to warrant its own post. Or something like that.

No matter how long you live here, if you were born somewhere else, you will rarely be referred to as British or English. Conversely in North America, you are considered American or Canadian simply by having lived there for a while. For example, Lennox Lewis is sometimes referred to as Canadian by the English media, but Canadian media usually refer to him as British-Canadian. When sports commentators over here talk about Greg Rusedski, they almost always describe him as "Canadian Greg Rusedski" even though he represents Britain. I don't really think one view is better or correct, it's just different in a makes you go "hmmmmm..." kind of way. I prefer to be thought of as Canadian because that's what I am and that's what I sound like.

Why do men use every dish, utensil, and pot in the house when they cook a meal? Not that I will ever complain about being married to a man who can cook, but I am constantly amazed by the amount of washing up one man can generate for one meal. Then again, I sometimes eat off a paper towel to save washing up so maybe I'm just really lazy.

What does Jasper do when he's left alone? Do dogs have a concept of time? Does he sleep? Play with his toys? Pine for us? I need to know.

I am excited that Big Brother is starting up again soon. I am not proud of that fact.

Thank you, that is all.

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