Wednesday 26 May 2004

picture perfect

So a few months ago, my digital camera had a brief dip in the Atlantic Ocean. Not even a dip, really - more of a light aquatic kiss. When we got home, I noticed that the display on my camera had gone horribly awry; it scrolled diagonally in psychedelic colours. The camera wouldn't take normal pictures and the USB connection went kaput.

This week, just for laughs, I switched my camera on. Hey presto, it works! Maybe whatever condensation was in there for the first few weeks has evaporated. Maybe the sea water didn't corrode anything after all. Maybe it heard the words "repair shop" and it fixed itself out of sheer terror. Whatever the reason, I'm really pleased that it's working again.

Now if my car would spontaneously fix that huge scratch and dent on the door, I'll be happy as Larry.

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