Monday 1 September 2003

i wish i was a little bit smarter

...and then I could install MT so I wouldn't have to rely on Blogger and YACCS's cack servers all the time. I read the instructions on how to install Moveable Type and they made me weep. I want something I can run on my server with locally hosted comments, that I can also use to update my blog remotely. Someone come and set this up for me, please. I can provide pizza and beer. In the meantime, I'm sorry that you can't leave comments (they're supposed to be running again tomorrow) and I'll try to sort something out.

A public plea: please stop opening email attachments without a) running a virus scan on them first with your up to date anti-virus software and b) realising that emails saying stuff like "hey check out this cool screen saver" from someone you've never heard of is probably not a good thing. Nor is it likely to contain a cool screen saver. I have been receiving well over 20 emails a day at home and around the same amount at work from infected people who have me in their address books. Quit it quit it quit it.

Pictures of Jasper from last weekend can be found here. We suspected that he's grown a bit in the 2 weeks we've had him, but this photo proved it to us:

The one on the right is from 2 weeks ago, and the one on the left is from Saturday. He'll be the size of a pony in a month, I swear.

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