Thursday 18 September 2003

it's the simple things

Paul hooked up the new tumble dryer last night and the first thing I said was "Wooohoooo! I'm gonna wash every towel and sheet in the house!". No really, I did. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. There is something so wonderful about sheets and towels fresh from the dryer. No more stiff and scratchy linens for us - it'll be nothing but fluffy cottony goodness for us from now on. Our dishwasher arrives later today (although knowing our luck, it'll probably burst into flames as soon as they bring it into the house and we'll have to wait another 2 months for a replacement), and we're both very much looking forward to its arrival. I've never had one, myself. My parents have had one in the house for years, but I've always had to do the washing up using my little delicate hands since I left home. We both love to cook which means that we both generate a lot of dirty dishes. We both hate doing the dishes, which means we have a lot of dirty dishes taking up our precious counter space. There is a distinct possibility that until the novelty of the dishwasher wears off, I will be using extra dishes when I cook just because I can. One spoon to stir, one to taste, one to serve, all chucked into the dishwasher where little jets of water will do all the work for me. Oh yes. Yes yes yes.

Quit looking at me like that. We're NOT getting old and boring.

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