Wednesday 10 September 2003

now we're talkin'

Well yippie and hurrah, my comments are back! I'm all agog. The MT install is on hold until my site server gets over its hissy fit and lets me create new directories. Feh, technology.

We had a whole whack o' people over on Saturday night, which was good fun. The house tours mostly consisted of the following dialogue: "Here's something else I painted", "Ignore that ugly bit of decor over there - we're going to change that soon", "I don't know why he put in a bidet without a toilet", "Yes, he was rather fond of dado rails", and "I've never seen a blue bathroom suite before, either". I made too much food, which is more than a little bit mind boggling. We also had lots of bottles of wine left, and this can only mean one thing - I'm at that age now. All of my friends are either pregnant or have small children, which means more designated drivers and more tired new parents. Gone are the days when we'd Hoover up food faster than piranha on a chicken leg (or whatever it is you feed piranha), when we'd drink enough boxes of wine to build a small raft, and we'd stay up until the wee hours. These are the days when we walk around with baby spew on our shoulders, bags under our eyes, and we get excited (and sing along loudly) when The Smiths or Tainted Love comes on the party music mix CD. We're homeowners, dogowners, and we have 2 cars. As we waved goodbye to Paul's brother Andrew, he said "All you need now are the 2.4 kids".

I'm sure that deep down inside, we're still really cool and not at all boring.

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