Thursday 27 March 2003

which was nice

Things that are making this miserable cold feel a bit better:

  • Tylenol sinus. Every 4 hours.

  • This mug of tea. It's made with lovely loose English Breakfast leaves in a mug I got from Paul's brother and sister in law for Christmas.

  • Digital television.

  • Freshly laundered bedding.

  • Knowing that there's a big birthday parcel from my Mom and Dad waiting for me at Paul's house for Monday.

  • Ditto for the gifties from Russ and Debs.

  • Kleenex Balsam.

  • The ice lollies/popsicles I got at the grocery store across the street. My sore throat loves them.

  • My "fluff reading": Hello magazine, and a mystery novel by Sue Grafton.

  • My big, fuzzy, white slippers.

  • An afternoon nap.

  • My Roots jammies.

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