Monday 10 March 2003


I tried to sleep (I've got a cold and went to bed early; I'm not getting old and boring. Shaddup.) but too many things were going round in my head. I think the best therapy is to jot them all down here and leave my thoughts with you to ponder. No really, it'll be fun.

  • I've had a web site since December 1997. I never thought about that until I went through all my guest book entries back to the first one. This means that I've been clogging up the Internet with my inane crap for over 5 years. Go me!

  • The ensuite bathroom in our new house has a shower, sink, and a bidet. No toilet, just a bidet. What the hell was the owner thinking when he put that in? Perhaps he thought it was a water feature of some sort.

  • Are there any fat people in Australia? I don't think so.

  • How come MFI are always having a sale that always threatens to be the very final sale no we really mean it this time? I keep getting into a panic thinking that we have to run in there today and order stuff, or else it'll be really expensive if we wait. Or is that the whole point? Oh.

  • I've just discovered that Paracetamol is actually acetaminophen. I swear, I've spent the last 2 1/2 years importing Tylenol from home because I thought we couldn't get it here. I also feel slightly daft after having told people that Paracetamol doesn't work for me, and this is why I have to bring in Tylenol. Hey, I never claimed to be a doctor.

It's definitely time for bed and another Lemsip.

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