Friday 21 March 2003


So I rang the estate agent guy yesterday to cancel the house viewing we had scheduled for today. Since Paul now has an offer in on his house, we can go forward with everything and no longer wish to look at other houses. The agent asked why we cancelled, understood, and wished me a nice day. Two minutes later, another guy from the same agency rang me, again to query why I didn't want to see the house anymore. The conversation went like this:

Me: "Thanks, but we're no longer looking as we've put an offer in on another house."

Agent: "Which house is this?"

Me: "Actually, it's number 20, just down the road."

Agent: [hissing sound of breath being sharply sucked in] "Oh, I've seen number 20. It's not nearly as nice as number 5."

Me: "Yeah but it's �7,000 cheaper. And has an ensuite."

Agent: "The owners are willing to be quite flexible with the price. They are very keen to sell."

Me: "No really, thanks. We're no longer looking."

Agent: "It's quite a sad story, really. The husband is quite ill and the family are being forced to move."

I'm waiting for him to send me pictures of some tear-stained kids dressed in potato sacks holding up signs saying, "Why won't you buy our house?"

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