Monday 24 March 2003


Dogs and shopping. That's what today's post is going to be about. Most people are blogging about the state of the world, but I promise to remain as inane and nonsensical as always. No, no - thank YOU.

Shopping. We were up in Warrington this weekend to visit the fabulous Russell and Debbie, and had a wander around the Cheshire Oaks Shopping Outlet yesterday. It was a very North American looking outdoor outlet mall (complete with a Starbucks), full of shops containing last season's items that didn't sell or clothing in two sizes: Small or XL. To be fair, we did find a few goodies (Paul fared much better than I did, which seems unfair somehow) and came back with some nifty kitchen gadgets. Now we can chop herbs just like Nigella with our very own mezzaluna. Mmmmm.

Dogs. We want one. Now here's the dilemma - is it possible (humane?) to have a puppy when both of us are out all day at work? The bigger dilemma - we love Labradors. Is it possible to have a Lab puppy at home, alone, without it chewing its way through your walls? We're thinking not.

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