Monday 3 March 2003

running up that hill

We spent the weekend in sunny Kent for Paul's Dad's birthday, and a fine weekend it was. We went to Bluewater, a shopping centre probably best known for the place in which Posh Spice had a hissy fit over unauthorised autographed pics of her husband. It's right swanky, it is. We went for a run on Sunday, and although it was nice and bright, we were faced with obstacles unknown to those of us who dwell in Cambridgeshire - hills. There is nothing that will hurt your calves more than running up a very muddy bridlepath uphill, except if maybe a small dog was biting you on the back of the legs the entire time.

On a sad note, my "uncle" Roy (who was actually my Mom's cousin, but we always called him uncle) passed away on Friday. He owned several companies over the years, his latest being a water filtre company. He was quite a character - the loudest one in the room with a big heart. Every year, he held a huge family Christmas party where he would give away "door prizes". We'd all draw playing cards and if yours matched, you'd get anywhere from around $50 to $500 (depending on how well the company did that year). I'm very happy to say that I got to see him last Christmas, and this is just by pure luck. Normally, the big yearly party is always a few weeks before I go home and I usually miss it. This year, it was held a bit later and Paul got to meet a small sample of my extended family (around 50 relatives or so, poor guy). As an added bonus, Paul won a prize this year ($50) and was the hit of the evening as both the "new guy" and the "English guy". As we left, Roy hollered out, "See you later, mates!" Christmas will most definitely not be the same without him.

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