Wednesday 29 January 2003

thank you

hey lisa--

it's gordon.

you know--and i'm sure you know--how synchronicity happens? i was just feeling mildly bad about both the seemingly-impending war in iraq. and also how i tend to keep in touch with friends really poorly.

and so what happens to cure this? i visit your blog--always a warm, friendly, intelligent place--and you announce you are marching for breast cancer research. i need to make more money than retail so i can give it to people like you who walk the walk as well as talk the talk. literally. i am being 150% sincere here, despite my recent "incommunicado" status. sorry.

you can post this on your site if you want. i am honoured to know you from this one gutsy and committed act.

just say walk!



gordon (estranged tech writer friend who used to make gay-assed mpegs with you on fridays)

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