Monday 6 January 2003

home sick

What better way to greet the new year than to greet it full of phlegm, with a sore throat and a backache to rule all backaches! *whoop whoop whoop*

The evil cold that's been plaguing Paul since we were in Toronto has now decided to move in with me. This is not good news as I've watched Paul suffer through this (and continue to suffer even today) and this is one bad ass mofo cold. This isn't the little sniffles with a bit of a cough variety, this is the kind of cold that makes you beg your partner to chop off your head to relieve the agony. I'm not at the head chopping stage yet, and I'm doing my damndest to make sure it never gets there - I'm plying myself with cold tablets and green tea, and thinking happy thoughts. On today's lunch menu: chicken soup with garlic, ginger, and chili. I may go wild and have a piece of toast later. Somebody stop me!

I really hate being sick. I can't sleep when I can't breathe through my nose, my lips get all dry, and I get so whingy that I even annoy myself. What's worse is that all the fattening food is now out of my house (okay, only because I ate it all...shuddup), and I can't even console myself with chocolate. All I can say is thank god for bubble baths, digital television, my Gamecube, and the fact that I have an extremely patient boyfriend who takes good care of me.

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