Saturday 11 January 2003

at least they didn't show her clingfilm samples

I met a friend of Chris' recently who unusual character. She only eats raw food. Not as in raw meat or sashimi, I mean raw fruits and veg. And that's it. There's a series on channel 4 about dieting, and she was in the first episode, which I sadly forgot to watch. I am not going to slag off this woman's choice of dietary living - I am an ex-vegetarian who still doesn't eat red meat for reasons I've long forgotten. What does interest me is the concept of people who use their diet as a means of attracting attention. Apparently, one "expert" on this series made this observation, and I can see their point. I know a few people who can raise quite a fuss about their dietary needs; the sort who can't simply just pick something off a menu that they can eat without broadcasting it to their dinner companions and the entire restaurant staff. "I'll have the salad, but only if it's gluten-free, hasn't been tested on animals, and doesn't contain any ozone-depleting chemicals. I'm getting this because it's the only thing I can eat in this entire restaurant, and I've felt the need to share this fact with you for no good reason other than to draw attention to myself. I'm now going to drone on about my dietary needs at length to my disinterested dinnermates. Thank you." As I always say, if I could find something to eat at a place called the "Steak and Burger" (this was in Toronto when I was still a veggie), anyone can find something to eat anywhere. Criminey.

Speaking of dining, we're off for an evening of Mexican food with my mates at the lovely White Horse pub in Oakington. It's hardly authentic by any stretch of the imagination, but it's perfectly decent and the staff are always so friendly.

Speaking of authentic Mexican food, we're planning our holiday in California in May. We plan to fly to LA, drive to La Jolla to see Paul's grandma (and his parents who will be there at the same time), then we're off to Vegas (wooooo Sigfried and Roy!), San Francisco (woooooo been wanting to go here for years!), Napa (wooooo wine tours!), San Simeon, and back to LA. Oh how I cannot wait to see the sun again. Truly.

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