Wednesday 1 January 2003

happy new year!

Good god, it's 2003. When I was a kid, that was like some sort of crazy sci-fi date. The year 2000 (and beyond) was going to mark the time of all sorts of funky high tech stuff, I thought. Surely we'd be transporting things around the world by now and living like the Jetsons. But no, here we are, with a few new gadgets and no flying cars.

And now, here's a list of celebrities who didn't die in 2002: Abe Vigoda, Bea Arthur (actually saw her on a poster for a play in Toronto - I'm scared and intrigued at the same time), Ann-Margret, Paul Newman, Elizabeth Taylor, Ron Woods, and Richard Chamberlain. Well done, everyone!

2002 was a year of changes: I changed jobs, got together with Paul, and bought my very first car. Paul said to me at midnight, who knows what this year will bring. Good things I hope, I said back to him.

Here's to good things for everyone.

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