Thursday 26 January 2006

worst final week of maternity leave ever

So I woke up on Monday feeling a bit sneezy (and slightly Dopey, Grumpy, and Sleepy) and by Monday afternoon, I knew that I had yet another cold. Jack also had it, although he still managed to be his usual happy self despite the chronic nose leakage. Over the past few days, it turned into the Worst Cold Ever and forced me to spend my last few days of freedom on the sofa feeling miserable. I am so not amused. There are so many things that I wanted to do with Jack this week and people I wanted to see, but instead I've spent my time going through three full boxes of Kleenex and trying every home remedy in the book to help relieve a sore throat. If I gargle any more salt water, I will lose my mind. Paul stayed at home yesterday to give me a hand with Jack wrangling (he is the best husband in the world), but it's hard work chasing after a very, very active little boy when you're feeling like a zombie.

On a totally unrelated topic, Jack has just started standing momentarily. If he doesn't notice that he's not holding on to something, he'll stand on his own for a few seconds - but as soon as he realises that he's flying solo, he either flops face first into whatever happens to be in front of him or pirouettes around to grab the nearest sturdy object. He can walk without much support (e.g. he will totter around the room whilst holding on to one of my fingers lightly), but hasn't taken more than one wobbly step on his own yet. I have a feeling that this milestone is just around the corner, but I'm in no rush to have a baby who's even more speedy and mobile than he is already.

Jack's "settling in" days at the nursery have gone really well. In fact, he only cried once - when I picked him up to take him home.

And finally, here is a picture of Jack after he woke up from a nap the other day. I seriously need to give that boy a trim.

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