Monday 23 January 2006

countdown to crust earning

I go back to work next week, and I'm feeling very weird about the whole thing. On one hand, I can't imagine life as a full time mum. I have nothing against full time mums (I was raised by one), but I don't think it's the life for me. On the other hand, I'm finding it difficult to make the mental leap from my present life to a new life as a working mum. The thought of being away from Jack for the day makes my stomach hurt, and the possibility that he may do something important like take his first step while at the nursery is terrifying.

On the plus side, going back to work means I will earn my own money again. I haven't had to live off someone else's income since I lived with my parents in 1986, so it's been a very humbling experience. Another bonus is that I can look forward to getting our very own cleaner. We decided that when I return to work, we will get someone in once a week to help out with the household cleaning. I didn't want to spend whatever precious free time I get with a vacuum cleaner, so this is a very good thing.

So, I'm spending this week enjoying every minute I have with Jack and trying not to think about next week.

On a totally unrelated note, Jack's "temper tantrums" are hilarious. Or at least they're hilarious at the moment because he's not a toddler yet. For example, if you take something away from him, he stamps his feet, scrunches up his face, and shouts out "DA DA DA DA DA DA DAD!!" This lasts for around ten seconds, so it's rather endearing. For now.

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