Sunday 1 January 2006

somebody stole 2005 from me - give it back, now

Where on earth has the past year gone?! Does every year go by this quickly when you have a child? I hope not, because I'm hoping for a bit of adjustment time before Jack enters his surly teenage years. It's been an incredible, wonderful, amazing, exhausting, chaotic, awesome year, and I'm amazed at how relatively unscathed we've emerged. Jack, Paul, and I survived the sleepless nights (although since they are ongoing, I suppose we've had lots of practice), major abdominal surgery accompanied by an incredibly pissed off scar, teething (again, this is obviously ongoing unless Jack is only going to have four teeth), weaning, projectile vomiting, projectile pooing, two long haul flights and associated jet lag, a wedding and a christening (i.e. the "how long can a small baby sit quietly during a serious ceremony?" test), trial runs at daycare, a Montreal blizzard, three sets of immunisations, two rounds of antibiotics, and being fed an After Eight by a slightly inebriated but well-meaning friend.

I'm now thinking about returning to work, Jack's first birthday celebrations, the fact that he will be on cow's milk soon, and feeling sad that I won't be with him every day after the end of this month. He's currently being weaned from the bottle and now has several pairs of proper jammies without feet in them. A friend from our antenatal class is already working on #2, and her daughter is two months younger than Jack. When I told people that we'll start thinking about #2 when Jack's two years old, I felt like that was a long way off - but then I realised the other day that it's only one year from now. Where has the year gone?

On a happier note, here is Jack's first picture with Santa. As you can see, the cold dry air of Canada wreaks havoc on our son's hair.

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