Tuesday 15 March 2005

typing one handed

Who knew that women would need to master the skill of typing one handed? That's what happens when you've got a sleeping baby on one arm and you need to update your blog. Quit looking at me funny, what else could I have been talking about? Weirdos.

So apparently yesterday was Commonwealth Day. By my reckoning, this means that you British people should have bought me a present of some sort. Remember, I'm easily pleased and even a small gift of chocolate is greatly appreciated. I thank yew.

I had a cunning plan. I joined the Blockbuster's home DVD delivery service thingy, which had a free trial for one month. This entitled me to one month of free, unlimited DVD rentals posted directly to the house, after which point I was going to cancel. Hurrah! But then one week after signing up, I was admitted to hospital and gave birth a few days later - and apparently my free trial has ended and my credit card has just been debited the fee for the following month. And I only got around to watching one DVD. Doh. Lesson learned: try not to stick it to the man when you're very close to your due date.

And that sums up all the non-baby topics I could think of to cover last week. I'm sorry, I'll try to get out of the house soon.

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